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About Configuration Management Services

We are a privately owned company founded in 1989 and specialising in the provision of Configuration Management related services.  Key business activities include the following:

  • Implementation of Configuration Management solutions.  This includes defining and developing procedures, procuring and implementing tools as well as providing training and support.  We have extensive experience with the majority of established CM tools including:
    1. IBM Rational ClearCase
    2. CM Synergy
    3. PVCS
    4. CA-Endevor (IBM Mainframe)
    5. Implementor (AS400)
    6. RCS/SCCS/CVS/SourceSafe
    7. Remedy help desk
  • Development and implementation of quality management systems based on ISO9000.
  • Development and implementation of structured project management systems based on PRINCE.
  • Development and implementation of ITIL service management processes.

We are co-founders of the and the founders of the Independent PVCS User Group (UK).

We have provided consulting services to a large number of organisations in the following sectors:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Government and civil service
  • Military and defence
  • Telecommunications
  • Freight

Our CMW tools were developed in early 1993.  The first implementations were developed using Visual Basic 3.0 and MS Access and were provided as free tools to our clients.  In many cases our tools were used as a stepping stone during the implementation of enterprise solutions using established enterprise CM solutions.

Fast Track - Request Management was re-developed between 1998 and 2000 and used extensively on a number of large Y2K projects. During 2001 the complete suite was ported to Visual Basic 6 and extended to include on-line help and a standard windows installer.  This software was also made available as freeware. During 2002/2003 the suite was re-developed using MS VS .NET 2003.

During 2005/2006 CMW was re-developed using the latest version of .NET framework.  This new version of CMW can be used to support most IT and business processes and can be used to manage and computerise most types of business data.  This flexibility has been achieved by allowing users to define and configure their own forms and processes.  This version of CMW also includes extensive data security and encryption features designed to secure and protect your data from external and internal attacks.

CMW Online was launched in 2006.  This is a hosted service where your CMW installation is installed and managed by us and accessed by your staff across the internet.  The hosted service provides considerable value for money and a significantly reduced cost and maintenance overhead to your organisation.


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