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Q & A

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Following is a sample of questions that we have received from current and prospective users.  If you have a question that is not addressed in this page then send it to

CMW does not confirm when commands have completed successfully
This is correct.  CMW will normally not display a dialog box to confirm that a command has succeeded.  As a rule commands will be disabled until the necessary validation has succeeded, all required fields have been completed for example.  Once this requirement is satisfied the command will be enabled and a message will only be displayed if the command fails.  As a rule this will be due to a software problem rather than user input validation issue.  If you run a command that will result in the loss of data, you run the Cancel command when there are outstanding unsaved data in the form, then you will be prompted to confirm your action.
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CMW Reporter startup is slow for large databases
CMW Reporter is designed to work in disconnected mode; when you start the tool it downloads all the meta data from the CMW database to the user's PC and once this download is complete all reports run by the user are run locally and without affecting the traffic and loading on the CMW server.  You should not experience much problems if your database has a reasonable number of records, up to 50K.  If you have a very large database, containing the export data from MS SourceSafe then the performance will degrade unless you have a very fact PC, network and a lot of RAM.  Click here to view the benchmark information relating to Library Index and CMW Reporter.
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How can I modify the header and footer information in CMW Reporter
The information in the header and footer cannot be modified.  If you wish to use reports with your own copyright and company name then you must create your own reports using Crystal Reports.  Once these reports are created they can be accessed from CMW reporter using the User Reports command.
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If you install the software and enter an evaluation registration number then you may experience a problem when purchasing the final software; it continue to operate in evaluation mode.  To resolve this problem please either delete the serial number key from the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Configuration Management Services\CMW\Serial) or register this registry file.
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I get a notify error when I try to maintain requests.
If you add the email address to the user details and you do not specify an SMTP server or your PC does not have the Windows SMTP service installed and running then you will get a Notify error when requests are created, assigned or progressed.  To resolve this problem specify an SMTP server using the CMW Administrator, install and start the Microsoft built in SMTP service (Windows 2000 and later) or remove the email address for all user details.
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How do I print a request?
Use the Fast Track Browser or CMW Reporter to select the required request and print.  New Request, Workflow Request and Simple Request have no printing feature; this is necessary to enable their deployment using the copy command.  The tools that support printing can only be deployed using the CMW setup program.
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VSS Loader does not work!
If you start the VSS Loader tool from Library Index then all the details needed to use VSS Loader will be saved to the registry and you will be able to run VSS Loader from the command line. 
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I cannot use Simple Request!
To use Simple Request you need to start the Fast Track Browser application. Select Simple Request from the Request Process menu under tools.  The Simple Request  tool will be used when you try to maintain a request from the To Do List tool or the Fast Track Browser tools.  The Simple Request tool cannot be used from the command line or directly.
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VSS Repairer reports "Analyze:  File already exists."  What does this mean?
If you try to perform an analyze more than once in one minute then you will get this error message.  VSS Repairer creates a backup of folder "Backup".  This backup has a name that with extension MMDDhhmm.
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Is it possible to have a Fast Track user who can only initiate requests?
Install FastTrack but do not register the user in the Fast Track staff table.  This user will be able to raise requests but will not be able to modify or be assigned requests.  The only drawback with this solution is that this user will be able to view and browse through existing requests.  Fast Track Advanced includes a client tool for raising requests, this will enable you to allow a user to raise requests without providing the user with read access to the rest of the database.
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Can I run VSS Loader in batch mode or using a scheduler
We have already developed the functionality needed to run VSS Loader from a scheduler, this is already being used in VSS Repairer.  This technology will be implemented into VSS Loader in the near future.  Expected release date is October 2003.
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How can I speed up VSS Loader
If you run VSS Loader from the PC that is hosting your VSS Library then this should provide you with the fastest response time.  Running VSS Loader across the network will not provide the most optimum performance.  Running against a local database you should be able to export in excess of 200 records per second when using a Xenon 2.4G PC.

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