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If you have an issue that is not covered by any of the topics on this page or our Q&A page then please e-mail this issue or question to

It is our policy to release fixes on a regular basis, unless a critical problem is reported in which case a fix will be shipped ASAP.

Latest Updates

CMW 2006 (Released April 2006)

  • Added feature to save and reuse user filters.

  • Added SourceSafe plug-in to enable tagging of SourceSafe 2005 files with history and labels from CMW.

  • CMW error reporting feature is now activated.  Software errors and exceptions will now be notified to support automatically.

  • Updated user documentation and published a user manual for PMO information pack.

CMW 2006 (Released March 2006)

  • Add three new attribute types, Sequence, Comment and Data Lookup.

  • Added new role, Workspace Admin, to enable users to manage their own workspace without having server admin rights.

  • Added Export Task list tool to facilitate interface with SourceSafe.

  • Delivered a number of fixes and improvements.

VSS Repairer 7  (Released Feb 2006)

  • Can be used to repair SourceSafe 6 and 2005 databases

  • Can be used to repair multiple databases in a single session

CMW 2006 ( Released Jan 2006)

  • General computerized record management support.

  • Triple-Des encryption of all data on the client and server.

  • User defined data dictionary for record fields

  • User defined forms

  • User defined workspaces

  • Supports ITIL, PRINCE and other processes using Business Information Packs

  • Operates in off-line mode.

Changes included in build 6.0.1887

  • CMW Web Server connection now support  trusted as well as un-trusted connections

Changes included in Build 6.0.1815

  • Added new Requirement Management module

  • Added new CMW Web server

  • New licensing feature

  • Integrated the various tools into the CMW Browser

  • Improved help

  • General improvements and updates

Changes included in Build 5.0.1712

  • Added new Test Case Catalogue

  • Updated validation of registration entry form.

  • Added column chooser for CMW Browser.

  • CMW Administrator problem when creating new projects now resolved

  • Administrator role add fails when using Fast Track with SQL Server

  • Library Index command to open SourceSafe database disabled

  • Library Index not refreshing data when switching between databases

  • Enabled VSS Repairer and Library Index in evaluation mode

  • Created activation tool to enable the update of evaluation registration number

Changes included in Build 4.02.091

  • New .NET implementation of the complete suite.

  • SQL Server version now included in the standard product.

  • CMW Standard, Professional and Advanced now consolidated into a single product.

  • New To Do List application to help you browse through requests assigned to you.

  • New Simple Request application to allow you to use when following a workflow is not strictly needed or beneficial.

Changes included in Build 3.12.466

  • Disabled product activation using SMTP mail.

  • Improvements to exception handling in Fast Track Request Management

  • Changes to VSS Repairer to simplify activation in unattended mode.

  • VSS Loader can now be activated in batch mode to enable execution in unattended mode using a scheduler.

Changes included in build 3.12.450

  • Added VSS Repairer application. This can be used to analyze and repair VSS databases.  VSS Repairer can be run in attended and unattended mode and will send e-mail notification to a nominated person when run.
  • Removed Project Loader from the distribution.
  • New top level help guide with a quick start section.
  • CM Using CMW manual now includes tutorials on using VSS Loader, Library Index, Task Automation and VSS Automation.

Changes included in Build 3.12.300

  • Fast Track will not crash if SourceSafe is not installed on the Userís PC.  An error message is now displayed instead.
  • Navigation problems in registration screen have now been resolved.
  • Library index no longer crashes if you use the navigate buttons when using an empty database.
  • VSS Automation now traps and handle the branch event.  Previous versions prevented the user from branching.
  • A number of CMW tools have now been removed from the start menu.  You can access these via CMW from the tools menu.

Changes included in Build 3.12.278

  • Notification failure message modified to provide improved information relating to notification failure cause.
  • Fast Track will not send an email notification if the sender is the same as the recipient.
  • Purge report generated by VSS Loader is now stored under the user application data folder rather than the home folder.  This resolves problems that may arise if the user does not have a defined home path.
  • Grid Configurator has been modified to enable setting the selected row appearance for the various views.
  • Resolved problem in Task Automation that allowed users to check out files even though they do not have tasks assigned to them.
  • Double clicking on an empty view (Summary View for example) no longer generates an error message.
  • If SourceSafe is not installed and you try to use VSS Loader then VSS Loader will now issue an error message stating that "SourceSafe could not be initialized" instead of the current "Cannot create Active X control error message".
  • Labels in the panels of the status bar in the Request form have been removed to prevent clipping of panel contents if panel status bar size exceeds width of form.
  • Title bar in Fast Track Configuration Tool updated to show the current database name.
  • Connection Manager will update the repository with default attachment folder of "c:\temp" if one is not already defined.
  • Changes to the layout of Fast Track Configuration grids are now saved and used to reconfigure the grid layout when used next.
  • Connection Manager has now been updated to preserve the current connection details if the user runs the "Open MS Access Repository" command and then cancels the command.
  • Problems when entering a name into an empty Assignee drop list (in Task Maintenance) has now been resolved.
  • Modified Task List (in Task Automation) so that the emergency task is now visible to all users.  Also this task will always be displayed even if it is deleted from the task list using Task Maintenance.
  • Corrected problem in Task List (displayed to VSS Users) which allowed users to modify the request reference number.

Changes included in build 3.12.300

  • Fast Track will not crash if SourceSafe is not installed on the Userís PC.

  •  Navigation problems in registration screen have now been resolved.

Changes included in Build 3.12.259

  • VSS Automation now operates in disconnected mode. A database connection is only established when data is read from or written into the CMW repository. This will significantly reduce the overhead on the database as the number of VSS users increases.
  • Open Access database dialog box now filters listed files by file type instead of showing all files in the current folder.
  • The various tools will now start and restore missing registry values instead of failing with error message.
  • Help menu now updated to include a link to the ďQ & AĒ web page. This page is updated on regular basis to include common questions from users.
  • Help menu now updated to include a link to our web store. This will allow you to check price details and order software from within the application.
  • Item history table in Library Index now displays item versions sorted by date.
  • Library Index start position is now based on its position when it was last used.
  • Item history table now allows column swapping, moving and resizing.
  • Item history table now allows sorting by one or more columns.
  • Refresh command now added to Library Index. Running this commands update the view with any new additions or changes to the CMW repository.

Changes included in Build 3.12.250

  • Prepare release feature now included with CMW. Please refer to the Fast Track help manual for a detailed description of this tool.
  • SSaddin.ini backup is now saved in the common\win32 folder rather than in the common folder.
  • Prepare release tool is now started from the grid popup menu instead of the toolbar.
  • Opening a request with an invalid state for the current request type produced an error message. Fast Track will now open the request and warn the user that a valid status value should be selected.
  • A request is now validated when it is opened and all invalid fields marked in red. If the current user is the Administrator then he is asked to correct these before quitting.
  • A request cannot now be saved if it contains errors and the current user is the Administrator. Normal users can save the request but they are asked to notify the Administrator since they may not have the required privilege to correct the invalid fields.
  • Saving a request without making a change for certain workflow cases used to produce an error message. This problem is now resolved.

Changes included in Build 3.12.242

  • Local database folder moved from home folder to application data folder to resolve problems arising when user home directory is not defined in the user NT profile properties.

  • Preview Pane now works correctly if the user's PC is configured to use ',' instead of '.' for the decimal point.

  • Task automation has been updated so that the list of tasks displayed to the VSS User only shows current tasks assigned to this user.

  • Task maintenance has been updated to present a drop list for the assignee name.  This drop list is populated with data from the staff table in Fast Track.

  • SQL server files are now removed from this release.  You can obtain a copy of these when purchasing the SQL server license.

  • Status bar in Fast Track now shows the correct user role when switching between projects.

  • CMW user role validation routine now checks that the current user entry has the active flag set.

  • Fast Track Configuration now reads the correct registry entry to identify the user's last used project.

Changes included in Build 3.12.239

  • Problems with Report Maintenance screen resolved.
  • Data update problems in Fast Track Configuration resolved.
  • SQL server attachment folder now de-coupled from database location.
  • Optimization of new request screen.
  • Optimization of request maintenance screen.
  • Improvements to audit tracking.
  • Improvements to print preview feature.
  • Short guide on how to implement CM using CMW.

Changes included in Build 3.12.57 (Beta release)

  • Users no longer require admin rights to run CMW.  Admin rights are only needed when performing installation.
  • Added audit feature to CMW
  • Summary view, to-do list and Reports view now include a preview pane to browse through request description
  • New report showing full audit for all requests
  • E-mail notification feature added to Fast Track.  If this feature is enabled then Fast Track will send an e-mail notification to users when they are assigned a request
  • Field chooser now created for key grid views
  • Change form now shows auto assign and auto prompt status
  • Expand and Collapse menu added to hierarchical screens
  • Grid configurator tool for Fast Track to enable the user to customize the look and feel of grid displays
  • Short cuts defined for Fast Track Configuration menu bar
  • Fast Track request form should come up with defaults that are based on the last entered request
  • Database migrate tool is needed to manage the process for upgrading a database
  • General query optimization
  • Tab order in Release maintenance is now corrected
  • Optimization of queries that do not return values
  • Request Details and New Request forms should not be modal
  • A screen similar to that of summary should be added to release management to enable the modification of the release
  • The verify table should be used to store the schema id
  • Request details form should track changes and only prompt to save if a change was made
  • All combo boxes should be changed to trigger related query on change and not click
  • Release breakdown screen shows too much info about a request
  • The title for request should be changed to that the number is visible in tool bar
  • Tool bar in task maintenance unified with that used with the reset of CMW
  • Update on line help to mention short cuts for data input screens
  • Focus is set to first field when tool start
  • Should not be able to modify the name of the default project
  • Closed date field now protected
  • Validate no longer prevents save of record with errors
  • Admin commands moved out of the tool bar and into the main menu
  • Hold, regress and reject are now only admin commands
  • Added assignment tool to tool bar
  • BOM form to show complete and work in progress items
  • Modify the release breakdown screen and remove the hierarchy
  • Place the VSS Automation commands into a menu instead of into a group
  • Read only mode should only enable the user to see audit and quit
  • Trial software only allows 100 fast track records
  • Shareware version only allows connection to ms access db
  • Registration feature only used for SQL server version
  • Task automation should use task list or change list
  • Enhanced process to update document properties
  • Improve context sensitive help 
  • Request description field improved to display request details more clearly
  • Data error problem in Fast Track configuration is resolved
  • Improved field navigation in Fast Track configuration to speed up data update
  • Command short cuts added to Fast Track Configuration to speed data input
  • User guide for Fast Track Configuration Tool
  • General improvements to Fast Track on-line help

Changes included in Build 2.04.74

  • Incorrect handling of null in Workflow maintenance screen

Changes included in build 2.04.73

  • Multi-line text box does not accept multi-line input.
  • Print and Preview does not work for master index, locked items and release breakdown.
  • Summary view scroll bars not visible.
  • Registry entry for attachment directory is incorrect.
  • Cannot attach document to new request.
  • Find fails if the screen has no items.
  • Print and Print Preview fails if the screen has no items.
  • New Fast Track Configuration tool to simplify the configuration of Fast Track.
  • When a new request type is created, a default life cycle is now created automatically.
  • Task Maintenance input screen extensively enhanced.
  • VSS Automation group added. All CMW tools can now be called from CMW.
  • New registration form to enable registration of complete suite from one form.
  • SourceSafe can now be launched from within CMW.
  • Request workflow tool now provided that simplifies workflow maintenance.
  • General changes the GUI to make the CMW GUI more consistent with that of Windows XP.
  • Key CMW system calls now coded into a DLL to provide CMW toolkit feature.
  • Request form now contains a preview showing request workflow.
  • New CMW installer help file.
  • New Task Automation help file.
  • Database schema report now shipped in PDF format with CMW.
  • SQL server installation and configuration explained in more detail.
  • Backup and data migration instructions now added to CMW help.
  • Project Loader now shipped with CMW. This enables the loading of tasks from MS Project.
  • Comment is now mandatory when request is rejected or put on hold.

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